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Terms of Service

Acceptance of terms

By using Chess Variants Training (domain "" and subdomains) and/or creating an account, you agree to all the terms below.

The Chess Variants Training administrators reserve the right to modify these Terms of Service at their discretion. The then-current version will apply to the use of a site at a given time. We will notify you about significant changes.

The site is run by volunteers. An occasional downtime may occur.

The use of information collected by Chess Variants Training is governed by the Privacy Policy.

User content

There are two types of user content on Chess Variants Training: puzzles, and comments.


Puzzles submitted to Chess Variants Training will have to pass a review first before being shown publicly. The puzzle reviewers have the right to reject, delete, and/or edit puzzles at their discretion.


Comments posted to puzzles must be related to the puzzle and additionally they may not:

The Chess Variants Training moderators have the right to remove posts that violate these conditions, but are not responsible for any damage caused by user-submitted comments.

User accounts

The Chess Variants Training administrators reserve the right to suspend, terminate, or change the permissions level, or ban the IP addresses of any account at their discretion. You must not create multiple accounts to avoid restrictions or to perform actions that would not be possible with your original account.

You must not create multiple accounts to take multiple actions where a normal account can take only one action, such as upvoting or downvoting a comment.

You are solely responsible for any content you contribute to Chess Variants Training under your account.

Stealing, or breaking into other accounts is strictly forbidden.

Username policy

Usernames are public and displayed all over the site. In general, a username chosen with the intent of generating negative emotional reactions, is bad and not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to:

Administrators will be able to use their judgement to override their rules.

If you choose a name that doesn't follow these rules, your account will be closed, or the administrators will set a temporary username on your account and ask you to choose a new one. Repeated violation of this rule always results in an account closure.

Variant960 games

You agree to not use any form of cheating when playing Variant960 games, including but not limited to chess engines.

Chat messages posted during a game must not:

Account erasure

If you wish to terminate your account, contact us at chessvariantstraining at gmail dot com. Also specify if you wish us to erase your data. In that case, your account can never be reopened again.

Data Subject Access Requests

If you wish to obtain a copy of the data we have about you (see Privacy Policy), you can send us an email.